3 Mistakes That Shrink the Space in Your Luxury Apartment

3 Mistakes That Shrink the Space in Your Luxury Apartment

The one thing you never want to lack in your luxury apartment? Space. Extra space.

You’ll see many property developers and sellers harping on about the amount of space their units offer. And for space-conscious buyers, that’s good news.

But it’s not only for space-conscious buyers. We all love more space in our studio, one, two, or three-bedroom apartments. More space isn’t the same as empty rooms where echoes bounce around the walls.  More space in your luxury apartment means having enough room for all your belongings and enough space for walking around with few restrictions.

Why more space in your luxury apartment is better

Improved air circulation

More space in your apartment allows better air circulation and indoor air quality.

Lower risks of accidents

With more space in your luxury apartment, you lower the risk of stubbing your toes or items falling on you. Especially when you have kids running around, the more free space they get to play with, the fewer cases of accidents you’ll record.

Improved mental health

When there’s a lot of space at home, you feel less hemmed in. You’re less pressured to sort out the mess swallowing you up, and your mind loves that free space as it leads to improved mental health

That’s why you always want to fight for more space.

The biggest reality in getting more space in your luxury apartment

Many apartments don’t come with football-size spaces. 

While some developers do their best to meet and exceed standards, once the building is complete, you have little chance of physically expanding that space.

But all hope is not lost, even if you live in a small apartment. You can create artificial space. Or at least embark on some little moves that give you a little more space than you imagined was possible. 

It starts with watching out for these mistakes many people make in their apartments.

a. Too much furniture in your apartment

Yes, the furniture is awesome. It adds extra levels of comfort to the luxury apartment living experience. But too much furniture can gobble up lots of space, making it a nightmare. 

You need to watch out for this mistake as you try to create space in your apartment. Too much furniture can take up too much space. Especially in the living room, it’s tempting to cram every piece of furniture. 

People have many couches, coffee tables, center tables, a room divider, and more chairs. While some of these extras hold aesthetic appeal, they can also make your luxury apartment spaces look stuffy.

I can’t recommend the ideal furniture combination or quantity, as your family size and uses may vary. But where you have too many pieces of idle furniture taking up space in your apartment, you know you have to take action on that.

b. Awkward arrangement of furniture

Sometimes, you have just the perfect amount of furniture. But with an awkward arrangement, you’ll lose a lot of space. Give more thought to arranging these beautiful pieces of furniture to avoid that.

Again, the best arrangement will depend on your space size and uses. And also the furniture types and sizes. At the heart of it all, you need a creative arrangement that ensures you make the most of your spaces.

Sometimes, you have to push that couch to the wall. At other times, you must reserve some space between couch and wall. A coffee table may not fit someplace, but find a perfect home in another corner.

These little tips will help a great deal. But you’ll never know what functions best at face value. Keep tweaking things and rearranging furniture until you find the perfect combination.

c. Too many wrong uses of space

When you try to use one space for multiple purposes, you risk swallowing up the spaces in your luxury apartment. Sometimes, you must sacrifice convenience for order if you desire maximum space in your unit.

It’s easy to drag an extra table to the living room to serve as a study desk. Maybe you want to grab a quick read while you watch TV. It’s also tempting to bring another desk to the bedroom, trying to study at night.

How about bringing that coffee table to the living room so you can enjoy that meal while watching TV?

These little moves happen all the time. Then, they become habitual. And before you know it, these new changes become permanent fixtures, robbing you of that extra space and leading to uncomfortable congestion.

You can’t rest your guard on space usage and expect to enjoy extra room. You’ll need to discipline yourself.

In closing: Take action to enjoy more space in your luxury apartment

Want to enjoy more space in your apartment? Take action today. It won’t come by default. First, look for the many little ways you’re robbing yourself of all that extra space you could have given yourself in your apartment.

You’ll notice these little mistakes that keep coming up. Get to correcting them, and see the benefits that follow your ruthless decision.

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