How to Make Your Guest Room Feel Like a Cozy Hotel Suite

How to Make Your Guest Room Feel Like a Cozy Hotel Suite

One room in your home that requires the most attention is the guest room. Seldom used, the guest room tells a story about how you regard and treat visitors. 

When you have visitors over, they may spend only a few days at your place. But the experiences they get from those few days they spend with you can tell a story for a long time. That’s why you want to devote as much attention to it as other spaces in your home.

For some guests, even family, your guest room will influence their decisions to revisit. And if they do, whether they pass the night at your place.

You don’t want to leave your guests – and yourself – embarrassed because you put too little thought into making your guest room welcoming enough to visitors. Avoid all that with these little tips.

The best move you can make is to keep your guestroom tidy. Regular cleaning is an underrated exercise to keep your guest room clean. Dust naturally builds up in most spaces. 

And cobwebs will start taking shape with any form of neglect. You don’t want your guests to experience any of that. How? By cleaning the place regularly. Go further to dust the gadgets in the space and clean up after previous guests. 

Change/iron the bedding, clean the mirrors, etc. Don’t wait till the day you have a surprise visitor before scrambling to tidy up the space. It might be too little too late.

Will your guests be human? You probably have a fair idea of what they may need/use in a room. For example, a clothes hanger, a bedside stool, and all the little accessories in your room will make your guests feel super comfortable are welcome.

But that’s not all.

What about a flip-flop to visit the washroom? You bet. And in the washroom, you want to have adequate supplies of some essentials, like a brand-new toothbrush and different soap types – both bar and gel.

While you can expect most guests to carry these things along, you also want to do your part to avoid embarrassment.

A guest bedroom

The worst nightmare your guests can suffer is a full-on inset/bug attack. It’s an absolute no-no. And you want to go every inch to avoid that. Tied to cleaning up the place, you also want to disinfect the place often.

Bedbugs can be notoriously pesky, and you want to be on top of the fight, especially in your guest room. Also, if mosquitoes find an inlet to invade your guestroom, look for those spaces and block them.

You further want to wage a full-on war against roaches. They’re an absolute never ever in a guest room. And you can’t spare any expense or effort to kick them out. Or, in the first place, prevent them from coming in and breeding.

Ditto for ants, moths, wall geckos, and all the trouble insects that seemingly find ways of troubling us at home. It bears repeating – you don’t want them near your guest room.

You want to ensure the lights, fans, air-conditioners, and TV in the guest room are functioning before you bring in guests. But even beyond the major ones, you also want to check if the sockets are faultless. 

It won’t speak too well of you to have a guest roast in your room because your fan or air conditioner in the guest room works only half the time.

You also want to ensure the sanitary ware and other appliances in there are functioning as well. Does your water closet system flush with little effort? Is the seat sturdy enough? 

Does your hand wash basin drain the water as expected without any leaks springing? How about your showerhead and water heaters? No one wants any nasty surprises. 

To avoid these surprises, ensure everything works well in that guest room. If there’s a malfunction, let guests know. Or make a conspicuous note near the faulty appliance/sanitary ware.

As much as you want to make your guest room comfortable to guests, you never want to clutter the space with too much. That’ll end up having the opposite effect. For one, your guest room is not your junk storage room. I hope so.

But beyond the most junk items, you also want to work hard to keep your guest room uncluttered. Old product labels, clothes hangers, bedding, blinds, sanitary supplies, and beauty items are sources of clutter. 

A bedroom with some basic tech

By design, you can make your guestroom the most welcoming space. While guests are around, they’ll enjoy that extra comfort. And when they leave, they take the goodwill along with them. That’s much more desirable than having guests badmouth you and swearing never to return.

You can take little steps to make your guestrooms more welcoming and relaxing to visitors.

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