5 Items That Add a Touch of Class to Your Studio Apartment

5 Items That Add a Touch of Class to Your Studio Apartment

Whether you have a studio apartment for sale or rent or just moved into one, you want to make a statement.

Often, people think of extra partitioning or some other weird moves to add that extra spark to their studio apartment spaces. But you don’t have to go that far. 

You may not have the right to make those extreme changes, for starters. If you’re more deliberate with your decisions and have a taste for style, you can add a touch of class to your studio apartment. 

You’ll not only enjoy it but when people visit, they’ll be awed by your tastes and sense of style. Who knows how many marks you can score from that and how that impacts your status?

Making the most of your studio apartment

In many studio apartments, you’re usually limited with space. And if you’re not super practical and attentive to these little things, you could make a mess of your unit. 

I’ve seen many people cover every inch with something – furniture, gadgets, utensils, books, you name it.

You don’t want that to be your story. Even if that’s your story, you can flip the script and get your studio apartment to ooze a little extra class. Here are five class-adding items you can consider:

Mirror mirror on the wall

Yes, you need a mirror in your washroom. And maybe in your bedroom too. But how about outside those spaces?

A stylish mirror anywhere but your washroom or bedroom can add that little touch of class to your studio apartment. It doesn’t have to be the standard dressing mirror attached to your drawer. 

Look at it first as a style item. It can help visitors fix that collar, brush off stray hair strands, and mob sweat off their faces without entering your washroom. 

More crucially, do you want visitors trooping to your washroom to check if their broach is still in place? You want to give yourself an everyday chance to steal a glance at that stylish mirror in a split second.

Wallpaper and artwork

Once, someone invited me into their house for a photoshoot. While the space in the studio apartment was uncomfortably small for my photo session, the impressive wallpaper gave us a background that made up for any shortfalls in space.

The pictures turned out outstanding. It was hard to believe we did that in a tiny studio apartment.

Nothing whispers class more subtly than a carefully chosen wallpaper. Yes, you may have the option of a favorite paint color. But you can make a statement of class with some wallpaper. 

Of course, that’s where you get the chance to pick a classy wallpaper, one that tells a memorable story. You don’t have to spray it across every inch of the wall.

Sometimes, less is more. A section of your studio space, say behind your TV set, which gets a lot of attention, could use that wallpaper design. Depending on how you style and arrange the living room furniture, you can bring another side of the wall alive with that wallpaper.

If wallpapers aren’t your cup of tea, artwork can step in. Look around town, and you’ll find many creative works of painting and design framed in different sizes.

Whether you want a painting or artwork depicting nature, family, the urban lifestyle, or wildlife, this is the time to shine. Have some other symbolic painting that speaks to you? 

Hang it up. It all adds to the class.

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Decorative lighting

Another underrated class item for your studio apartment is lighting. These days, you’ll find an array of dazzling lighting options that will add immense class to your studio apartment. 

Where natural light ends, give decorative lighting the responsibility of illuminating and elevating your space. I remember this friend who made the most impressive choice of lighting I’d ever seen. It was an unassuming yellowish glow. But it added a touch of class to his space.

As with anything, you have a range of combinations. You can go with a simple white light or get any impressive combination that works to your tastes.

Cool rugs

Those sleek rugs can tell a story of class and sophistication. It’s time to give them their due TLC. Of course, you’ll need to consider a few factors to get the best of your rugs in your studio apartment. 

Usually, because of space constraints, people can easily ignore this essential home item. Don’t be that person. Invest in quality rugs that are gentle to the feet and pleasant to the eyes. They’ll elevate your studio space to superstar status.


Think the studio apartment thing is a modern concept? Change that narrative with some antiques from decades, if not centuries past. From furniture to ark works to clocks to cookware, a deliberate nod to the past will add a sense of class to your apartment space.

Imagine that 20th-century coffee table standing quietly next to your favorite seat. That’ll give you and visitors lots of talking points.

Go all out to add class to your studio apartment

Don’t settle for a drab studio apartment space filled with clutter and devoid of life. You can do better. 

Doing better starts with thinking of the many little ways you can add class to your space without saying – or even spending – too much.

While you can’t pull everything off at a goal, you can always start small. With time, add to your class items. You’ll be amazed at the transformation, and you’ll be glad you made that move.

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