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Four bedroom townhouse for sale at East Legon Hills

For Sale

1 month ago

Light up those magical moonlit evenings on your coveted rooftop space, cocking off bottles, refilling glasses, and toasting to life. Gather the family over on top and share those intimate moments under wraps, away from the distraction of TV screens. Grab far-reaching views of town, of the expanding East Legon Hills, from your base on […]

5 bedroom modern townhouse for sale in Cantonments

For Sale

2 months ago

Bask in unrivaled comfort and convenience in the most exclusive neighborhood in Accra.  Imagine the prestige, the status checkmark, and the ultimate living experience a modern 5-bedroom villa offers you. Sounds good? Reach out and grab a unit at Harmonia Villas, Cantonments. Sited to allow you to take advantage of the best of Accra, this […]

One Bedroom Apartment for Sale at the Kensington Heights Apartments, Kumasi

For Sale

3 months ago

Grab a one-bed apartment at the upcoming Kensington Heights Apartments, Airport City Kumasi. Pick a solid, promising real estate investment opportunity many can only dream about. That’s what this one-bedroom apartment at the Kensington Heights Apartments in Airport City Kumasi gets you. The Kensington Heights development in Kumasi is the stuff dreams are made of. […]

Studio Suites for Sale at the Kensington Heights Apartments, Kumasi

For Sale

3 months ago

Imagine adding a sweet suite to your range of real estate investments. Yes, get ready to mix it up with the strategic Kensington Heights apartments in Airport City Kumasi. Talk of buying into a daring project with lots of upside. That’s what a studio suite at the Kensington Heights Apartment promises you. Make a bold […]

4 bedroom townhouse for sale in Accra

For Sale

3 months ago

Make a statement in the Oyarifa Park community with the top-of-the-line four-bedroom semi-detached townhouse.  In this thriving community, bigger is better. And the shiny four-bedroom units assure you of bigger. Bask in the thrill of not one, not two, not three, but four lovely bedrooms. And then add the living room, a kitchen, and dining […]

Four bedroom apartment for sale in Accra

For Sale

3 months ago

Four’s just fine. That’s about enough room for even the largest families. Imagine the privacy you can enjoy with the luxury of an extra bedroom. Feel like switching things up and passing the night in another bedroom? You can do that with little stress in this four-bedroom apartment unit. How about converting one bedroom into […]

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Furnished one-bedroom apartment for rent at Cantonments

For Rent

4 months ago

Join the exclusive Cantonments lifestyle with this inviting one-bedroom apartment at Aspect Court. Located near the American Embassy and opposite the WEB DuBois Center, this beautiful apartment for rent in Cantonments gives you all you need to enjoy a top, top living – quiet, community, comfort. And it’s only $1,400 per month, including service charges. […]

Furnished three bedroom apartment for rent at Cantonments

For Rent

4 months ago

Vault into the exclusive Cantonments lifestyle with this exquisite three-bedroom apartment at Aspect Court. What makes for excellent living in a top neighborhood in Accra? This luxury apartment unit matches most of them. Located near the American Embassy and opposite the WEB DuBois Center, this beautiful apartment for rent in Cantonments gives you all you […]


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Introducing the Kensington Heights Apartments, Kumasi

The Kensington Heights apartments project is poised to change the face of residential luxury living in Kumasi.  It’s a carefully thought-out project that will add a new dimension of class to the face of real estate in Kumasi. Powered by HDG Homes, a real estate development company headquartered in Accra, this proposed ultra-luxury apartment building promises […]