About us

Buy or sell your house smarter with Hapgrid

As a wholly Ghanaian-owned and registered real estate company, we represent clients in residential, commercial, and recreational real estate.

Choose top-notch marketing for your property

Real estate is serious business, and we take your business seriously. Have a property you want to sell/let out? We’ll help you market it smarter for you.

Tap into our rich connection of agents

Want to buy a property or looking for office space for your business? Count on us to help you find what you want, even if we don’t have it in our inventory.

We have the industry expertise

Where you require any specialist real estate advisory service like valuation, content marketing, or management, we can help with that too with professional advice.

Want any other service

We may not have captured it all. If you want any other related service, contact us via info@hapgrid.com