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3 Mistakes That Shrink the Space in Your Luxury Apartment

The one thing you never want to lack in your luxury apartment? Space. Extra space. You’ll see many property developers and sellers harping on about the amount of space their units offer. And for space-conscious buyers, that’s good news. But it’s not only for space-conscious buyers. We all love more space in our studio, one, […]

Vaal Real Estate Set to Launch Legato Heights, a New Project

Luxury property developer VAAL Real Estate prepares to take the wraps off Legato Heights, their latest development.  While concrete details are unavailable at the moment, the project is likely to be a medium-rise apartment complex in one of Accra’s top neighborhoods. Legato Heights will add to an impressive collection of luxury real estate projects by […]

11 Top Real Estate Developments Coming up in Accra

A thriving city in a developing country, Accra continues to attract investors and development partners. Front and center of this burst of infrastructural development is a thriving real estate industry. As the demand for luxury housing keeps growing, these real estate developers are lining up to join the growth. Over the years, we’ve seen many […]

Where to Find Real Estate Companies in Ghana

Your best bet in navigating the real estate space in Ghana is through the services of trusted real estate companies with the know-how and experience.  While it’s tempting to go all alone to save on costs, you’re also likely to miss out on many insights and expertise on that route. Instead, to help you meet […]

How You Can Diversify Your Real Estate Investments in Ghana

Real estate investments in Ghana offer many tempting investment opportunities. And many players are keen to take advantage. For starters, you’ll find many individual developers buying parcels of land to sell later. Then you’ll see more individuals building homes and shops and renting or selling these units. Some other commercial developers take a different approach by […]

4 Signs You Need the Services of a Real Estate Company

Who needs the services of a real estate company in Ghana? Answering yes or no to that isn’t always a straightforward decision. It’ll depend on your preference and the urgency of the situation. Your decision will also depend on your familiarity with the Ghanaian real estate industry and practice. If you know your way around real […]

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