Why You Should Still Visit Ghana in 2023

Why You Should Still Visit Ghana in 2023

Ever wanted to visit Ghana but find yourself on the fence? I’m here to shove you off that fence.

Hopefully, that lands you on Ghanaian soil. While Ghana’s not a tourist hotspot like East African giants Kenya and Tanzania, the tropical West African nation still draws its fair share of visitors. And really, why would you pass up the chance to visit this lovely nation?

There are a thousand and one reasons to visit – business and leisure headlining these reasons. I won’t say much about the business side here, as that involves many other factors and deeper discussions with other parties. However, I can nudge you toward visiting Ghana for leisure and pleasure. Here are a few reasons.

Ghana has great (almost) all-year-round weather

No, you’ll never see snow in Ghana. Okay, miracles happen and all that, so we can never say never. But please, don’t hold out hope for snowflakes. 

That said, you’ll enjoy great tropical weather in Ghana. On most days, it’s sunny but not desert-sunny that bakes you into crisps. In the evenings, it’s remarkably cool but not cold. In the coastal cities, the sea breeze adds to that equation. In the mountainous areas, the height helps cool the atmosphere. And around the middle belts, the forests play their cooling roles.

You’ll be comfortable luxuriating on your terrace or under a shade without the need to suit up to the max. Thanks to the great weather in Ghana.

Visit Ghana to learn a rich history and culture

Ghana is a country steeped in history. When you read about the slave trade, you’ll notice Ghana features in the literature an uncomfortable number of times. Some relics of those atrocities remain to teach many learners.

You’ll find many forts and castles dotted along the coasts of Ghana – the Elmina, Cape Coast, and Christiansburg Castles are the most prominent ones that spring to mind. Take a tour through these spaces to better appreciate the history of the trans-Atlantic slave trade.

But also, you’ll learn a lot about how chieftaincy has evolved through the pre-colonial days, colonial and independence days. And their place in contemporary Ghanaian times. You’ll also see many well-crafted artifacts and cultural items like drums and dresses. If you’re lucky enough to experience a traditional festival, you’ll appreciate these rich cultural displays even more.

Indeed, there’s a lot to learn from the rich Ghanaian culture.

Good food

Food has always been a big deal in Ghana. And you’ll never be disappointed when you visit. Unless you’re not an avid, adventurous foodie, that is. When you visit Ghana, you can look forward to trying something new by tasting some local Ghanaian Jollof or Waakye – highly recommended.

But also, you can get an assorted list of meals that tempt both local and continental taste palettes. In multicultural neighborhoods like Cantonments and Airport Residential, it’s not hard to find a restaurant serving country-specific meals. You’re never without options.

As a country with access to the sea, you can also enjoy some delicious seafood in Ghana, especially in Accra. Crabs, octopuses, and shrimps are only three examples.

Great shopping experiences await

The sprawling shopping malls housing many multinational retail giants will make you forget you’re in a developing country. 

In many shops in these shopping malls, you’ll get products from some of the well-known global brands. The Accra Mall and West Hills Mall are two of the biggest shopping malls around town. You can enjoy a collection of options from clothing to fashion to gadgets.

These outlets have served the ex-pat community and other high-income individuals for years. With that assurance, you can shop confidently without fearing you’re buying knock-offs.

Near-excellent hospitality

The people of Ghana are naturally receptive to visitors. With roots that sink deep into our rich cultural principles of helping strangers, most people will gladly give you directions and indulge you. And also, the hospitality industry is growing, with many high-end hotel chains like KempinskiHoliday Inn, and Marriot having a footing in Ghana.

And if you fancy short-stay experiences in premium short-stay apartments with concierge services, you’re in luck. You’ll find many, many options, especially in Accra. The Number One Oxford Street Hotel and Oasis Park residences are great options.

Even further down the chain, you can find top-class hotels and resorts in many parts of the country. Whatever your tastes, your hospitality needs are sorted.

Top tourist destinations

While not quite at the same level as the Eastern and Southern African giants, you’ll still find some exciting tourism destinations in Ghana. And that should give you another reason to visit Ghana.

At some of these tourist sites, like the castles dotted along the coasts of Ghana, you’ll learn a great deal of Ghanaian – and African – history.

Many language barriers broken

We have many ethnic groups in Ghana speaking many languages, but you don’t have to master any local language to enjoy your time in Ghana. The official language is English, and many in the younger generation can speak English fluently. If you already speak English, great for you. If you don’t, you can start teaching yourself basic English lessons to help you get by.

Doses of tranquility

In Ghana, you can comfortably look forward to a relaxing time that almost slows the pace of time as you’ve known it. Yes, life buzzes in parts of Accra, the capital city. Traffic is sometimes unbearable on many streets and highways. And other cities like Kumasi and Takoradi also see significant buzz at times.

But step out of Accra, and you take things many notches down. You can enjoy a leisurely life that allows you to catch your thoughts. I regularly travel out of Accra to make the most of this, and I can almost guarantee that.

Your vacation in Ghana will be less hectic than in many advanced countries.

You have more time to plan your visit to Ghana

Add Ghana to the list of countries you’ll love to visit soon. That’s because there’s so much to love and explore about this tiny tropical nation in coastal West Africa. 

It could be an experience most unforgettable. PS: Looking for the best short-stay place in Ghana? Our real estate brokerage services can help get you the best short stay apartment that suits your needs. Email us at for more inquiries.

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