10 Top Tourist Destinations in Ghana Calling Out for You

10 Top Tourist Destinations in Ghana Calling Out for You

Ghana has some low-key top tourist destinations that will wow many visitors. 

While they just pale in popularity next to the Safaris of Eastern and Southern Africa, they can still give thrill-seeking tourists a taste of adventure. For those quick vacations, weekend trips, leisure treats, and general getaways, you can count on these top tourist destinations in Ghana for fun when you visit Ghana

Beyond the fun, you’ll also learn the history of some of these sites.

Tourist destinations in Ghana

Ghana has many tourist destinations; some are not even on the record for authorities to attract visitors. This post talks about a few of the most popular options. Here’s a simple to-do list you should check off before embarking on your tourism trips in Ghana.

Carry some cash along

As with most tourist sites, you’ll pay a gate fee and incur a few extra expenses onsite. And the top tourist destinations in Ghana are no exception. 

The rates will vary depending on the family size and how long you intend to spend on the site. Or even the items you want to check off your fun bucket list.

Stock up on water and snacks

Some tourist sites may have shops for you to buy a few essentials while on tour.  But you can’t guarantee everything you need will be in stock, especially if other visitors throng these top tourist destinations in Ghana.

You’d best take the initiative to stock up with a few bottles of water and packs of snacks. Of course, not too much as to cause your backpack to weigh a ton and break your back.

Adequate change of clothes

You can’t predict what surprises nature holds, and you should always have a change of clothes on hand. It may rain, and depending on how far away you are from a shelter, you could be all drenched. 

Some grounds may get muddy, increasing the risk of the mud soiling your dress. To counter that, you may need boots that give a firmer grip. Having taken those precautions, here are ten of the top tourist destinations in Ghana.

Kakum National Park

The Kakum National Park in Cape Coast, a coastal city, leads the pack of adventurous tourist destinations in Ghana. I’ve heard stories of people who were humbled by the extreme adventure at the park.

Treat yourself to wildlife and nature. The most thrilling moment at the Kakum National Park may be the canopy walkway across a large land size brimming with wildlife. The suspended canopy walk makes for scary viewing for first-timers and regulars alike.

Tourist destinations in Ghana. A canopy walk over a dense forest (Kakum National Park)

Cape Coast castle

The Cape Coast castle holds deep historical meaning for Ghanaians and many West Africans. As one of the main departure centers of slaves from the continent, you’ll be humbled by some of what you see at this tourist site.

Every year, hundreds of tourists visit the Cape Coast Castle in Ghana to learn about the Trans-Atlantic slave trade and its place in history. That’s one factor that makes it a top tourist destination in Ghana.

Wli waterfalls

The highest waterfall in West Africa, the Wli Waterfalls is located in the Volta Region of Ghana. About 140km from Accra, this top tourist destination in Ghana also attracts its fair share of nature-loving tourists to marvel at this wonder.

It is a breathtaking sight. With the water dropping from about a 100-meter height, you could gawk at this breathtaking waterfall all day.

Manhyia Palace

The home of the famous Ashanti Kingdom, the Manhyia Palace attracts many tourists all year round. As a tourist to the Manhyia Palace, you’ll learn many things about the Ashanti kingdom while paying homage to this historical kingdom.

Speaking of history, you’ll also immerse yourself in the steep history of the Ashantis, including the wars with other tribes and colonialists in centuries past.

Shai Hills Game Reserve

Another top tourist destination in Ghana, the Shai Hills Game Reserve, is about 40 minutes from Accra. It has a mix of wildlife, hills, and caves – the latter with lots of history.  You can enjoy the wonders of nature as you see birds, ostriches, monkeys, and zebras roaming and foraging.

There’s also a spot deep in the caves for a fun hiking experience. The Shai Hills Game Reserve is a great family getaway if you’re looking for somewhere close to Accra yet far from the bustle of Accra.

Tourists and a tour guide at the Shair Hills Game Reserve

Lake Bosomtwe

The largest natural lake in Ghana, lake Bosomtwe also attracts a fair few visitors. At this site, you can enjoy a boat ride to explore the boundaries of this natural lake.

You’ll also enjoy a history of the site and how instrumental the lake has been to the communities and region over the years. You’ll also have a feel of the aquaculture in this area – different from what you’ve seen in other water bodies.

Mole Game reserve

Ghana’s largest game reserve, this top tourist site answers the cravings of wildlife lovers who want to see what Ghana’s wildlife space has on offer.  Roam the large tracts of land and take in life in the animal kingdom in conditions that approximate the wild as closely as possible.

The tour guides will also fill you in with many exceptional stories and little fun facts that will make your visit to this top tourist site in Ghana worth it.

An elephant at the Mole Game Reserve

Mountain Afadjato

Lord it over Ghana from the highest mountain peak in Ghana. At over 100 meters tall, many people have tried but failed to reach the mountain top. And that shows how much of a challenge climbing Mount Afadjato could be.

You can take that as a challenge daring you to beat those performances. Or a caution that it’s not as easy as it looks. Either way, you’ll enjoy an adventurous climb up Ghana’s tallest mountain, Mountain Afadjato.

Tafi Monkey Sanctuary

If monkeys could talk, they’d dethrone dogs as man’s best friends. The Tafi monkey sanctuary shows how monkeys could relate to humans in a community. After a trip to this tourist site, you’ll rethink your relationship between monkeys and humans.

Boti Falls

Located in the middle belt of Ghana, the Boti Falls offers tourists another waterfall experience. 

You’ll marvel at the course of the water from the head to the waterfall stage. It’s an impressive sight when you’re in the forest belt of the country and want to fill your cup with all the tourism options around.

A waterfall in Ghana

Make a date to tour Ghana’s top tourist destinations

This article doesn’t do justice to these top tourist destinations in Ghana. 

Some of them, you have to experience firsthand to appreciate their wonder. And that’s a challenge I’m throwing you – start saving for a remarkable feast at Ghana’s tourism buffet.

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