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Should You Invest in Accra’s Luxury Apartments?

The top neighborhoods in Accra see lots of luxury apartments springing up by the month. While these properties make for ideal family living, many developers behind these projects also tout the investment potential of these luxury apartments.  But are these units the top real estate investment vehicle people make them out to be? And should […]

17 Top Real Estate Developers in Ghana Worth Celebrating

So much of Ghana’s changing property landscape is thanks to the many real estate developers working around the clock to work their magic. By magic, I mean impressive properties from these estate developers in Ghana that have put the country on the map as a destination for real estate investment. Drive around many parts of Accra, […]

Investing in Real Estate in Ghana: 5 Tips to Help You Win
Investing in real estate in Ghana can be a worthwhile strategy to grow your investment wealth. It can also be a prudent diversification tool – whichever comes first.  But like any investment vehicle, you need a few guiding tips. Real estate is a strategic investment, and every location is unique. If you want to invest [...]
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