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The Five Best Neighborhoods in Accra for Expats

As the capital of Ghana, Accra has attracted the attention and dollars of many investors to do business.  Many other multinational and global businesses have also followed, setting up shop in Accra. What’s more? Almost all the top government agencies have headquarters in Accra.  Add to that the many Ghanaians migrating from the rural to […]

Where to Find the Best Houses for Sale in Accra

If you’re looking for some of the best houses for sale in Ghana, you can’t look past Accra.  A hive of economic activities in the country, Accra attracts many business people, investors, and companies. That means the demand for housing increases. The 1.8-million housing deficit in Ghana, a large chunk in Accra, is enough concern. In response, […]

17 Top Real Estate Developers in Ghana Worth Celebrating

So much of Ghana’s changing property landscape is thanks to the many real estate developers working around the clock to work their magic. By magic, I mean impressive properties from these estate developers in Ghana that have put the country on the map as a destination for real estate investment. Drive around many parts of Accra, […]

Where to Find Real Estate Companies in Ghana

Your best bet in navigating the real estate space in Ghana is through the services of trusted real estate companies with the know-how and experience.  While it’s tempting to go all alone to save on costs, you’re also likely to miss out on many insights and expertise on that route. Instead, to help you meet […]

4 Signs You Need the Services of a Real Estate Company

Who needs the services of a real estate company in Ghana? Answering yes or no to that isn’t always a straightforward decision. It’ll depend on your preference and the urgency of the situation. Your decision will also depend on your familiarity with the Ghanaian real estate industry and practice. If you know your way around real […]