The Heritage 100 Ghana Building Shows off Ghana’s Rich Heritage

The Heritage 100 Ghana Building Shows off Ghana’s Rich Heritage

Ghana is a country steeped in tradition. The Heritage 100 Ghana building will only deepen that.

From the food we eat, the clothes we wear, the artifacts we display, the languages we speak, the festivals we celebrate, and the way we live, we love to show our rich, one-of-a-kind traditional heritage. And now, the way we build.

The Heritage 100 Ghana building in Labone, Accra emphasizes the rich Ghanaian tradition in its design and stands out among the pack.

Says its website, “The Heritage 100 building is the first residential apartment in Ghana designed with a focus on bringing African art and concepts together to create luxury, convenience, and well-being.”


The Heritage 100 building

Currently being constructed in Labone, one of the highly-rated suburbs of Accra, this beautiful luxury apartment prides itself on its form as much as its design. It’ll be a nine-storey apartment building of “spacious living, green energy, modern amenities, superb finishes, and cultural symbolism.”

The Heritage 100 will blend symbols of Ghanaian tradition, symbols with deep meanings in the walls and side facades of the building. It’ll couple this display of traditional symbolism with state-of-the-art technology to complete your living experience.

Here are more details about the Heritage 100 building.


Unit types and price ranges

The Heritage 100 offers options in studio, one, two, and three bedrooms to match the different preferences of users. 

So whether you’re a one-person family, a couple, or a family with kids, you can find the perfect option and budget for your family size.


Luxury amenities

You’re never short of top-of-the-line amenities to make you enjoy your stay at the Heritage 100 Ghana building. 

For starters, there’s a clean outdoor pool with a bar for you to relax. Whether you feel like taking a dip or sip on those sunny days, you’re spoiled for choice. There’ll also be

a gym,

a cinema,

an event suite,

and a rooftop garden. among others.

There’ll never be a dull moment in this exceptional apartment.


What makes the Heritage 100 Ghana building unique?

The design and nod to Ghana’s rich tradition is a big point for starters. According to its website, the Heritage 100 is Ghana’s first EDGE-certified residential building. That means it meets some criteria for lower energy consumption and sustainable construction. You’ll also enjoy energy-saving management with smart analysis of energy consumption data. 

Look forward to an unforgettable living experience

While few modern buildings overtly pay homage to Ghana’s rich tradition in their designs, the Heritage 100 Ghana building bucks that trend. And in grand style. It’s a beauty. 

The design of Heritage 100 doesn’t only attracts Ghanaians and diasporans who want more of their rich traditional heritage. It’s also sure to fascinate non-Ghanaians who wish to learn a thing or two about Ghana’s rich traditions.

What’s not to love about that?


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