The Heritage 100 Building Boldly Blends Luxury With Heritage

The Heritage 100 Building Boldly Blends Luxury With Heritage

The Heritage 100 building in Accra is a marvel. 

It’s the perfect offspring of heritage and luxury in building design. And it’ll be on the lips of many for years yet. Think of how much pride you’ll bask in with an address in this iconic building. It’s one of those concepts that seems impossible until someone pulls it off. And pull it off did the folks at Golden Coast developers do. 

In breathtaking fashion, the Heritage 100 building draws on Ghana’s rich traditional heritage and Accra’s thriving luxury real estate tastes. And that’s making no mention yet of the many smart tech elements it incorporates.

“The Heritage 100 building is the first residential apartment in Ghana designed with a focus on bringing African art and concepts together to create luxury, convenience, and well-being,” the website assures.

The Heritage 100 building

Set to stand tall in Labone, one of Accra’s hottest residential neighborhoods, the Heritage 100 building offers “spacious living, green energy, modern amenities, superb finishes, and cultural symbolism.” 

Okay, you could catch bits of similar specs in many other properties, but few can truly say they check all these boxes in one fully-functional project.  On record, only the Heritage 100 building claims that title. And it’s set to grasp it jealously. Read on for more details about the Heritage 100 building.

Units and price points

As a modern, multi-family luxury apartment building, the Heritage 100 caters to many family sizes and price points. Whether you’re only a one-person family or a full-on nuclear family, you’re sure to find your matching space tastes in this development.

The studio apartments start from $83,950, while the one-bedroom apartments start from $137,500. There are two options for the one-bedroom apartment, though. Very practical for smaller family sizes or individuals who want their privacy without going all-in on too much space they don’t need.

The two-bedroom apartments start at $242,500. With four different floor areas (97 sqm – 123 sqm), the price rises by your size preference. Again, these options are tailor-made to suit many different household needs. With a floor area of 161 sqm pricing for the three-bedroom apartment start from $402,500. Hopefully, they stretch as far as your luxury housing needs go.

Luxury amenities

Besides the nod to the rich African heritage, these top-of-the-line luxury amenities add to the ultimate living experience in this landmark.

  1. A swimming pool and bar for your outdoor relaxation
  2. A cinema for those memorable times, so you don’t have to watch Netflix alone
  3. A rooftop restaurant that beams your focus on the city and ocean
  4. A well-equipped fitness center to keep your body and heart in perfect state
  5. Business suites to help you go business mode with your private appointments

With these ultra-luxury amenities, the Heritage 100 rocks shoulders with most other luxury residential apartments in Accra while edging them with its unique design. To grab a unit today through our brokerage services, kindly call Boateng on +233-241-517-471 or

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  1. […] The Heritage 100 will blend symbols of Ghanaian tradition, symbols with deep meanings in the walls and side facades of the building. It’ll couple this display of traditional symbolism with state-of-the-art technology to complete your living experience. […]

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