One Crucial Tip to Help You Market Your Property Better

One Crucial Tip to Help You Market Your Property Better

When it comes time to market your property, you want to take no chances. Poor property marketing will leave you stuck with a property forever. And depending on the type of property, that could have dire implications for your so-so real estate marketing.

For example, if it’s an ordinary property that should have been sold long ago, people start to wonder why it’s been on the market for so long. And the longer it stays on the market, the worse things get.

You may be forced to reduce the asking price or fight decay.

If it’s a heavy real estate property backed by millions of investment dollars, you know high vacancy rates are every property owner/investor/marketer’s nightmare. To get those units moving, you need to market them better. Terrible marketing = no sales. Or at least slower sales. That’s why you need to do an outstanding job of it.

When you market your real estate right, the only reasons that should stop a prospective buyer are money and timing. That should be the real estate marketing goal. Hard to reach but not impossible. Here’s how to get there faster.

The best real estate marketing markets emotions

I know you spent millions on a project. I get all the latest tech and luxury amenities you’ve given your property. And by all means, buyers must know of these standout items. Sure, there’s a place for that.

But outstanding estate marketing isn’t about reeling off a list of features. And let’s face it, some of those features are excesses that some buyers barely need or will use for long. (The hardcore functional uses of a house – sleeping, resting, and cooking – still come first). But I digress.

And even if buyers fall in love with these specifications, that love leads to something bigger. Or it comes from something much bigger.
It’s the emotions those features make buyers feel. Bingo! That’s what your real estate marketing should target first.

Humans are less logical than we love to admit.

We’re emotional.

And even in the most logical moves, you’ll find the influence of emotion. Buying real estate is no different, never mind the huge price tags and the long-term commitments. Emotion still plays a crucial role.

How else would you justify someone spending tens, hundreds, or even millions of dollars on your property when they don’t urgently need a home? Whether or not the numbers make sense, they tug at buyers’ emotions. And you can’t ignore that.

What do you want buyers to feel when they live in your property?

Answering this question shows you why marketing the property features isn’t nearly as effective as the (emotional) results your property produces for buyers.

  • What do you want your ideal buyer to feel when they spend the night in your property?
  • What about after a weekend?
  • A month, a year, many years?

Will your property make them feel like a prince, queen, soldier, sailor, or pilot? That’s what they want, and that’s what they want to hear.

What level of satisfaction does your property give buyers? Peace of mind, prestige, safety? These are what they want to hear and identify with. And guess what? The property marketing message that offers them these will grab their attention faster. Later, you can sell these interested buyers on the exotic name of your latest tech that they’ll forget in the next few minutes. But these emotional feelings? Unforgettable.

Real estate marketing is no longer all about location and price

Yes, the location of a property helps some. It plays a crucial role in attracting some buyers. But if that’s all it takes, don’t you think there’d be no vacant spaces in the best locations? There’d be little marketing, as the location will sell itself fast. There’d be no vacant properties in Ridge, Airport, or Cantonments. But that’s far from the case.

What about the price? Well, the price of a piece of property plays a part too. But then again, who determines a fair price? Quite complicated, wouldn’t you say? And if it were all about price, there’d be many price wars and undercutting techniques. It’d be a race to the bottom, and developers will lose big time. Sweet and steep discounts don’t exactly market and sell real estate.

With price and location put in their places, it’s time to go all in on emotion!

Making the most of emotion marketing

What emotion does your property bestow on buyers? How will it make them feel? If you know your preferred buyer (highly recommended, btw), you’d also know what matters the most – and the least – to them. Or at least you can take a good stab (last resort).

You can find – and sell – the best emotion to your buyer by tapping into one/a combo of pride, prestige, shame, dignity, respect, class, prudence, and savvy.

Of course, depending on your property and its features, you’ll find many other emotional states. These first, and features later in your real estate marketing. Build on those emotions as you market your property.

You’ll do a better job at it. And you’ll score more sales.

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