A Helpful Tip to Revamp Your Real Estate Marketing Strategy

A Helpful Tip to Revamp Your Real Estate Marketing Strategy

Real estate marketing – like any other type of marketing – is evolving. And so must your real estate marketing strategy. 

It’s going beyond merely marketing your property and offering discounted deals. It’s about building relationships that last longer than the duration of your transaction. As a smart real estate business, marketing is about letting customers find you long before negotiations start and osmosis transfers fees into your bank account. 

It means you can talk about many things besides real estate, but hopefully not too far from home. But that’s the fun part. Call it marketing freedom. If it matters to your target buyer, you have their permission to talk about it – provided you know what you’re saying.

A smarter real estate marketing strategy wins any day

The new times call for a better real estate marketing strategy to help you take things to the next level. Or at least stand out from the clutter online. I’ll be the first person to tell you all that is easier said than done. That’s because doing what it takes to help you market smarter is as daunting as it appears.

But you don’t have to do it all at a goal. You needn’t master every real estate marketing strategy in the playbook. You can always start small. Pick a few moves and stick to them for now. Only you better be quick at learning so you can look at other moves. You don’t want to risk your returns on investment because your marketing sucked. The effects are dreadful. ‘Nuff said.

Building your buyer persona helps

Surprise, surprise, your target audience does so much more than watch TV at home and sleep in their beds. Or cook jollof rice on rainy Saturday afternoons. Okay, I don’t know a thing about your ideal buyer. I just made that up. 

But don’t make stuff up – do your research. You can’t have a real estate marketing strategy without a buyer persona. Or many buyer personas. You’ll know your ideal customer better as you do your customer research. You’ll learn more about their dreams, desires, frustrations, lifestyle, etc. If you can help these buyers achieve these desires and avoid the frustrations, you’ll get yourself in their good books. 

Also, whatever info you dug up during the research, that’s more than enough talking points for your real estate marketing strategy. They probably live in a home, and it won’t be long before they hunt for one or help a relative with that. And guess who they’ll include in their must-call list? The one who helped them a while ago. 

You want to be the marketer that built a relationship with them on another topic. That’s why you must market so much more than your properties. Build a better real estate marketing strategy along those lines.

Marketing is now longer-term

Marketing isn’t all about boosting your property listings on Facebook ads. Nor is it all about buying ad space on listing platforms. No, no. Those factors make up only one aspect of marketing. Usually, that’s about the final leg of your real estate marketing strategy.

A proper real estate marketing strategy will make you play the long game. And you’ve got to learn how to do it. It’s about building long-term relationships that start well before any sales process. For many people, there’s no better way. Today, buyers are spoiled for choice. They crave deeper relationships, particularly online. They’re more tech-savvy – looking up alternatives online.

You don’t only show up when it’s sales time and then vanish again. You can’t risk only pushing ads down your buyers’ throats. They have to see you long before the buying need arises. You can’t not show up when they need you. Thankfully, showing up doesn’t limit you to only the boring real estate-related talk. Any topic around your buyers’ interests is a first point to help you show up.

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Start building a better real estate marketing strategy today

You don’t have to stick strictly to real estate-related talk in a broader marketing strategy. But why limit yourself? If it’s a topic that matters to your customers – and you know something about it – you can talk about it to generate some buzz. Work from home, gardening, pet care, travel, food, macroeconomics, and other lifestyle topics are all fair game. Go ahead and start conversations around those topics. 

It’ll make your real estate marketing much richer.

Before you go……

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