11 Top Real Estate Developments Coming up in Accra

11 Top Real Estate Developments Coming up in Accra

A thriving city in a developing country, Accra continues to attract investors and development partners. Front and center of this burst of infrastructural development is a thriving real estate industry. As the demand for luxury housing keeps growing, these real estate developers are lining up to join the growth.

Over the years, we’ve seen many breathtaking properties come up in response to this increased demand for luxury real estate. And it appears supply can’t keep up fast enough.

We hear one outstanding project after another announced often. It could be hard to keep up with every real estate development. That’s why we’ve taken the trouble to help with that.

And by no means have I exhausted all the exciting real estate announcements.

Benefits of real estate investing in Ghana

Taking advantage of Ghana’s thriving real estate industry, especially in Accra, could be a great investment option.

With the growing population, the demand is always high. With this demand comes the appreciation of real estate in Ghana. If you’re a property owner, you’ll enjoy these benefits.

You can also enjoy a steady rental income if you find the perfect property in the best location. Beyond the near-steady inflows, a strategic investment property will give you healthy returns on your

With these promising benefits, find 11 top upcoming real estate developments in Accra worth a second look.

The Heritage 100

Located in Labone, the Heritage 100 building promises impressive luxury living with views stretching to the ocean’s horizon. But that’s only the beginning. This iconic development nods to the past of Ghana’s history and embraces the future.

By embracing the future, the Heritage 100 building aims to build an electric vehicle charging port on-site, as well as many renewable energy and smart energy-saving tech.

What’s more? We can talk of adding a twist of nature in the form of greens around the balconies and some wall areas.
The Heritage 100 building provides options in studio, one, two, and three-bedroom apartment units.

To top it all off, all the many aspects of the modern luxury living experience, including concierge services, top-of-the-range security, and premium finishes.

And then the many complimentary amenities like gyms, a pool, a rooftop lounge, and a meeting room.

Developer: Golden Coast Developers

KASS Towers

Kass Towers takes on luxury apartment living in its unique way. From an impressive twin-tower design with some premium finishing to smart-home features, Kass Towers promises residents the best they can ever imagine.

Jutting into the sky at 17 storeys, Kass Towers will be as impressive in the sky as underground, what with a three-level basement parking facility.

Let’s ride back up to the top for more breathtaking stuff.
Featuring an infinity pool and promising far-reaching views from the top, Kass Towers will provide residents with other facilities, including an open rooftop bar.

You can grab a unit in their studio, one, two, or three-bedroom, and penthouse configurations and enjoy the airport residential area living.

Developer: Kass+F Developers

Harmonia Residences

Another mid-rise residential tower in the Airport Residential Area, the Harmonia Residencies will be a 17-story apartment complex with hundreds of units.

Comprising studio, one, two, and three-bedroom options, Harmonia Residencies gives residents a taste of luxury living that doesn’t compromise quality or comfort.

With all the bells and whistles of the modern apartment building, VAAL Real Estate promises to make the Harmonia residences a source of harmonious living.

You can enjoy a relaxing dip in the pool, a mindful session in the green area, or impressive views of town from the rooftop.

And when you’re ready to retire to your haven, take in the premium design and finishes available in your space.

Developer: VAAL Real Estate

Harmonia Villas

Contemporary urban living isn’t confined to medium to high-rise apartment buildings. No, no. And the exquisite townhouses at the Harmonia Villas are set to steal some of the shine.

Take luxury living to another level with these impressive 5-bedroom villas in the highly-rated Cantonments community in Accra. Boasting a mouthwatering design and crisp finishing, the Harmonia Villas will immerse you in the best lifestyle experience.

Indoors, bask in spacious rooms designed to let in lots of daylight. Outdoors, wander in welcoming green spaces, or luxuriate in your crystal clear swimming pool.

Up top, make the most of the sprawling rooftop barbeque space, enjoy nighttime views, and host those birthday parties.

These benefits and more make the Harmonia Villas an inviting living space.
Developer: VAAL Real Estate

Loxwood House

Admire shoppers doing their weekend rounds and watch planes land and take off, all from the comfort of your home. You don’t only see these fun activities – they’re within reach should the need arise.

These many conveniences are the tip of the iceberg when you embrace the Loxwood living. But Clifton Homes isn’t resting on that alone.

Live in an uncompromising luxury apartment building in the Loxwood House as you savor the finer design and finishing details.

Imagine the smiles, the joy, and the thrill of the modern living experience in one of the better neighborhoods of Accra.

Developer: Clifton Homes


The Belmonte promises unforgettable luxury living for homebuyers and investors with a taste for good things in real estate. Located in East Legon, you’ll enjoy high-quality facilities, such as a fully fitted gym, sauna, rooftop pool, business lounge, cafe, and spa.

Pick among the many options, from studio suites to two-bedroom units.

Developer: CPL Developers

The Hidden

Perfectly hidden in the Trassaco area of East Legon, the Hidden promises to hide you from the bustle of the city center but within reach of similarly impressive lifestyle treats around town.

The Hidden is a multi-development project that provides three and four-bedroom townhouses and two-bedroom apartment units. It’s a creative use of space in building a thriving residential community that will make you feel welcome.

With ample space for parking, a kids’ play area, and a swimming pool, this development will make for a super refreshing living community.

Developer: Square Mile Homes

The Milton Residences

The Milton Residences will appeal to residents who love the modern conveniences of a thriving suburb of Accra, what with the hotel concept in an apartment building.

Embrace a top-quality living experience in this apartment complex in the prime Airport Residential Area in either twin tower.

Then, take things a notch higher with an abundance of green spaces, a family area, and a shopping space in the link between the two towers.

And oh, the swimming pool will be part of the link, a magnificent design concept. Count on the many flexible uses of the rooftop areas.

Enjoy the standard apartment configurations of studio, one, two, and three-bedroom units in the Milton Residences.
Developer: Libi Homes

Odehe Court

Welcome back to Labone, a thriving real estate hub boasting impressive residential projects. In that spirit, Odehe Court perfectly fits the bill. Plant yourself firmly in the Labone lifestyle of contemporary living in one of Accra’s top areas.

With this promising development, Odehe Court promises to give you all you’ll ever want in a modern apartment building in one of those 5-star neighborhoods.

What’s not to like about the green area, the swimming pool, or the refreshing rooftop moments?

Add to that the ample spaces for the kids to run around, and you can expect to blend seamlessly with Labone living at Odehe Court.
Developer: Signum Development

Grand mirage

Grand design, grand experiences. And now, the Grand mirage. Mix up luxury living with an exciting lifestyle in an ever-thriving neighborhood. We’re talking about the Grand Mirage at the Airport Residential area.

The superlatives can’t tell the whole story. And you know what? Those experiences will stay with you for a long time. Want to give it a try? Take a punt on the Grand mirage.

Developer: Yagmur Developers

The Pinewood Place

Living in the seven-story Pinewood Place will position you in the exclusive Airport Residential Area with access to the best of town. Bask in the convenience and a promising urban lifestyle at your service.

Developer: Beaufort Properties

The Bantree

The Bantree brings you a stylish apartment in the Airport Residential Area. Count on the track record of the developers for a top-notch offering.

Embrace all the modern conveniences of a top-of-the-line apartment, like a coworking suite, a communal garden, and a residents cafe. The Bantree delivers a modern city lifestyle.

Developer: Clifton Homes

Honorable mention:

The Kensington Heights Apartments, Kumasi

A trailblazing luxury residential development in Airport City Kumasi, the Kensington Heights Apartments will change the face of real estate in Kumasi.

These luxury apartment units promise an exceptional living experience in the garden city.

The Kensington Heights apartments allow you to take advantage of the food, the relaxed pace of life, and the great weather in Kumasi. Add the rich culture and tourism experiences around town, and you’ll love every moment in the Kensington Heights.

Even more impressive, you’ll cement your legacy in the upcoming Airport City Kumasi project.

With the convenience of an airport, shopping, and luxury living, the Kensington Heights Apartments will get you to dreamland. Get ready for this exciting adventure.

Developer: HDG Homes

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