17 Top Real Estate Developers in Ghana Worth Celebrating

17 Top Real Estate Developers in Ghana Worth Celebrating

So much of Ghana’s changing property landscape is thanks to the many real estate developers working around the clock to work their magic. By magic, I mean impressive properties from these estate developers in Ghana that have put the country on the map as a destination for real estate investment.

Drive around many parts of Accra, and you can’t miss the iconic structures jutting into the skies. With a growing demand for luxury real estate as an investment vehicle, many of these estate developers in Ghana have clearly put their money where their mouths are. In the long term, the increased supply of properties will lead to more competition. Hopefully, that bodes for exciting news for many buyers. 

For now, we’ll look at some of these top estate developers and their notable developments.

Goldkey Properties

Goldkey Properties has been around since 1997. Across the heart of Cantonments, Ridge, and Airport Residential Area, Goldkey Properties has developed different property types, including apartments, townhouses, and office complexes.

Notable development

Pinnacle Place

It’s a development comprising 4-bedroom detached and semi-detached houses in the highly-coveted Airport Residential area. Enjoy total convenience living in the Airport area, with proximity to all the modern urban lifestyle options.

Trasacco Estates Development Company

One of the most popular real estate developers in Ghana running the show in the property industry, the estate development wing of the Trassaco Group has been an active player for decades.

Notable development

Trasacco Valley

The eponymous residence has been a household name in Ghana for decades. And for many, Trassaco Valley symbolizes the ultimate luxury living in Accra. It’s been a standard in many unofficial conversations. And that’s a testament to the work the TEDC has done.

A shot of an indoor living space

Devtraco Plus

As one of the more experienced real estate developers in Ghana, Devtraco Plus needs little introduction. With a range of properties in Cantonments and Ridge, Devtraco Plus keeps adding to its impressive real estate portfolio in Ghana.

Notable development

The Pelican Hotel Apartments

The Pelican Hotel Apartments, located in Cantonments, Accra, boast 134 furnished hotel apartments. This unique real estate investment provides both short and long-stay options for guests. Then there are the complementary services like concierge services and a business center.

Clifton Homes

Another heavyweight estate developer in the Ghanaian luxury real estate space, Clifton Homes has been serving up one impressive project after another since 2010. The range of iconic properties under their belts speaks to their excellence.

Notable development

The Gallery. 

You can’t miss The Gallery Apartments at Tetteh Quarshie, Accra. Overlooking the motorway but with views stretching far beyond the Airport, the Gallery Apartments provide an exciting urban living experience in Accra.

Indigo Homes

The real estate arm of the Black Ivy Group, Indigo Homes, has more than made a mark in the Ghanaian Real Estate space. 

Announcing their presence and taking a seat at the Ghanaian real estate table, Indigo Homes chose a style that deviates from the norm. But make no mistake, it works just as well. Their modern semi-detached townhomes away from the city center but just off a highway model has proved super successful thus far, with two similarly designed residences doing so well.

Notable development

Oyarifa Park

Oyarifa Park is a thriving community of modern two, three, and four-bedroom townhomes at Oyarifa, off the Accra Aburi Highway. With a unit at Oyarifa Park, you’ll enjoy comfort and peace of mind in a serene environment.

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WestHills Ridge Company

A joint venture between the Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT) of Ghana and the Amandi Group, the WestHills Ridge Company has built a massive residential community west of Accra.

Notable development

Eden Heights

The Eden Heights Apartments are like a city within a city. With all the amenities you can think of, think a soccer pitch headlining a modern sports complex. And then an Olympic-sized pool, kids’ play area, indoor and outdoor gyms, and many more. But make no mistake, their apartments are welcoming and competitively priced.

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Real estate developers in Ghana: A shot of many apartment buildings

Beaufort Properties

Beaufort Properties has served the Ghanaian real estate industry by delivering many functional and quality homes in Accra over the last decade. And more properties are under construction, soon to add to that impressive haul.

Notable development

Riviera Residence

Located in East Legon, the Riviera Residence offers 103 apartment units comprising studio, 1, 2, and 3-bedroom options. Of course, there’s a penthouse that plants you at the top of the action in the area. 

The Riviera Residence boasts waterfront views, a garden area, a swimming pool, and all the amenities of a modern residence.

Square Mile Homes

Square Mile Homes has quietly been putting up impressive properties in Accra. They’ve made a name for themselves with modern townhomes in Adenta Amanfro and East Legon Hills, while another property is taking shape fast at East Legon, Trassaco.

Notable Development

Araba’s Court

Araba’s Court features eight units of impressively functional four-bedroom townhomes. You won’t regret grabbing one of the few remaining units at Araba’s Court.  You can count on spacious rooms, flexible user spaces, and a rooftop terrace as standard.

Capemay Properties

Capemay Properties has developed residential and commercial properties not only in Accra but also in Tema and Kumasi. Considering the many challenges real estate developers in Ghana face, that’s an impressive feat.

Notable development

The Signature apartments

The Signature Apartments building is indeed a signature residential landmark in Accra. With its short and long-term rental options, this iconic development has added a different dimension to the luxury real estate in Accra.

And you’ll also enjoy all the many accompanying amenities of a modern luxury apartment building.

A shot of a living room space

CPL Developers

Over two decades of acquiring land and developing properties, CPL developers have added a different dimension to Accra’s upmarket residential real estate space.  And they’re not done: they have a shiny apartment coming up soon.

Notable development

Oasis Park Residences

The Oasis Park Residence is a hotel-styled apartment complex at Tetteh Quarshie, Accra. Now available for lettings, you can get studios, one, or two-bedroom options for your short-stay needs.

Signum development

A wholly-owned Ghanaian company, Signum Development has been building homes in Accra and Tema since 2015. And they show no signs of letting up, with a range of new development projects lined up for the future, including the Romana Heights (Oyarifa) and Odehe Court (Labone).

Notable development

The Odoi

Find these beautifully designed modern townhouses behind the Trade Fair, Accra. These townhouses provide comfortable living in a secure, thriving environment. You also enjoy the conveniences of Accra.

Sucasa Properties

Sucasa Properties prides itself on providing affordable luxury homes. And they’re delivering on that promise the best way they can around East Legon Hills and Oyarifa. Many other projects are coming up in the near future.

Notable Development

O’Grantson No.1 Community

This development promises pocket-friendly 2, 3, and 4-bedroom homes built in style and to modern building trends.

Quao Realty

A luxury real estate developer in Accra, Quao Realty has developed some breathtaking high-end residences in Accra over the years. And they just launched a new project, the Britton’s Residence, in Cantonments. More to come!

Notable development

233 Boulevard

Located in Cantonments, 233 Boulevard is a beautiful residential complex that offers 1, 2, and 3-bedroom options for rent.

Yagmur Group

The Turkish giants have blessed Accra with a landmark residential apartment building that screams masterclass anytime you drive past it. And they’re not done – with a similarly impressive development in the offing. Of course, they know what it’ll take to become one of the top real estate developers in Ghana.

Notable development

The Mirage Residences

Sited in the Airport Residential Area, the Mirage Residences merge a beautiful design and functional form into a statement luxury residential tower. It can easily pass for a product of a science fiction scene. But no, it’s a fully-running apartment complex.

A shot of a living room space

Kass + F Development

Another Turkish giant making waves in the Ghanaian real estate space, Kass+F developers are specialist real estate developers merging the beauty of creativity with the power of design. 

And they’re on pace to produce a truly one-of-a-kind luxury residential development.

Notable development

Kass Towers

Still under construction, the iconic Kass Towers will be a statement development in the Airport area. The studio, one, two, and three-bedroom options ( and penthouses ) come with the bells and whistles of the modern apartment development.

Golden Coast Developers

Golden Coast Developers are expanding their footprint in the Ghanaian real estate industry with their impressive offerings in Accra. The crown jewel? The much-heralded Heritage 100 building currently under construction in Labone, Accra.

Notable development

Forster Park

Forster Park is a residence of nine townhouses in Cantonments, Accra, each boasting four en-suite bedrooms.

Libi Homes

Libi Homes prides itself on providing top-quality homes in Ghana across different budgets. They recently broke ground on their shiniest project, the Milton Residences, with construction commencing in September 2023.

Notable development

The Buckhead

A master-planned community of 48 townhouses, the Buckhead gives buyers the best Cantonments experience in four or five-bedroom configurations. What’s more? Enjoy all the finest amenities that come with a modern residential development.

More props to these real estate developers in Ghana

Given the many financing, construction, marketing, and property management challenges, these real estate development companies have done well. Some of these developments have put Ghana on the map, while others have inspired more developers to strive for higher heights and creativity.

We can’t wait to unveil more impressive developments.

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