Eden Heights Gives You All You Need to Enjoy a Luxury Apartment – And Stay Super Fit

Eden Heights Gives You All You Need to Enjoy a Luxury Apartment – And Stay Super Fit

Living in your luxury apartment isn’t enough. You also need to stay super fit. Eden Heights guarantees you that.

Bask in your classy luxury apartment that gives you some of the best luxury living you can find in Accra. But while at it, make the most of the vast array of fitness facilities on-site. That’s the perfect luxury lifestyle equation you’ll enjoy at Eden Heights.

Eden Heights will spoil you for choice with an abundance of fitness and recreation spaces to allow you to relax with family and friends. Say goodbye to residences that leave little space for active fitness beyond an indoor gym space and welcome variety at Eden Heights.

What’s your pick among the following fitness facilities?

  • Open track
  • Squash court
  • Football pitch
  • Tennis courts
  • Basketball court
  • A fully equipped gym
  • Olympic short-course swimming pool?

You can assign a day to each fitness facility if you so wish. That only speaks to the many options available.

Don’t fancy the physical? You can enjoy fitness at a leisurely pace. Eden Heights also serves you acres of space to walk about at any time of the day. As the sun sets or rises, you can waltz around on the tarred streets or pavements that sandwich these streets if that’s more of your thing. You can’t not break a sweat in this environment. 

Whatever fitness itch you have, Eden Heights will help you scratch it with little effort. A unit at Eden Heights not only guarantees you of top-drawer luxury living experience. It also nudges you onto the right path for your fitness journey.

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Imagine this

Imagine sharing dripping shots of your glistening skin or sweat-drenched shirt online. Your colleagues and others in your feed can only dream about those shots. Or pay extra and queue for long hours to enjoy that. Not you. You can get up at any time of any day and enjoy these complementary facilities if you live in Eden Heights. Stay in shape at all times.

The kids are not forgotten

If you’re wondering about the kids, they’re not left out of the fitness experience at Eden Heights. They get to strut their stuff at the children’s swimming pool or play area. But of course, they’re welcome to enjoy some time in the other facilities. They’ll make the best fans, cheering you on and daring you to give up.

When it’s their turn to play, they can also shoot free throws or attempt penalties if they wish. There’s a plan for an overall fitness culture for everyone in the family.

Other facilities at Eden Heights

The luxury apartment units at Eden Heights complement your lifestyle with the following:

  • Wide balconies for extra relaxation
  • State-of-the-art security for your peace of mind
  • Centralized air conditioning. Who cares about the heat outside? Not you!
  • On-site facilities management
  • Walk-in closets for master bedrooms. You’ll no longer feel boxed in with the clutter in your bedroom.

You’ll enjoy safety, comfort, and class in any unit you pick up from Eden Heights.

Neighborhood notes

Eden Heights is planted in the up-and-coming neighborhood around the West Hills Mall. Your shopping experience got a lot less stressful with one of the biggest malls in West Africa within reach. At the West Hills Mall, you have countless food, fashion, and gadget places next door. As are banks and a pharmacy.

Want more excitement?

The Bojo and Kokrobite Beach resorts are also within striking distance for those holiday treats away from home. Even more impressive, in under 5 minutes, you can join the main highway to the city center.

By the numbers

For a spacious 152 square meters of interior space, you can snap up a three-bedroom luxury apartment for $168,000. But that’s only the start.

For $190,000, you get a three-bedroom configuration boasting a study and extra space – 181 square meters total. No more office documents lying on the dining table, risking getting soiled.

Up the ante to $215,000, and you get an even more tempting option that offers you 194 square meters of space on the penthouse floor. And that includes your study and spacious three bedrooms. You get these three options with the three-bedroom units.

But there’s still more for your tastes.

Have a bigger family or want even more rooms? You’ll find a welcoming four-bedroom standard configuration boasting 191.46 square meters of space for $220,000. There’s more yet.

Fancy the luxurious penthouses available at Eden Heights? Starting from $399,000, you get a luxurious living experience in the four-bedroom penthouse. That offers you 312 square meters of space for comfort, relaxation, and prized views. An even pricier deluxe penthouse option takes the cake: $499,000 for a whopping 356 square meters of space and impressive views around town.

Eden Heights: A shot of a bedroom in a penthouse

Like the many fitness options, you’ll find a similarly impressive array of luxury apartment options at Eden Heights. Whatever suits your family’s living needs, Eden Heights has it. Luxury indeed has a new destination with Eden Heights.

Want to start your luxury living adventure? Call Boat on +233-241-517-471. You can also email me at Remember, you don’t pay any agency commission when you buy an apartment at Eden Heights through our brokerage services.

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