A Vibrant Community Is a Key Highlight at Oyarifa Park

A Vibrant Community Is a Key Highlight at Oyarifa Park

Oyarifa Park, one of the most thriving residencies in Accra, is also one of the city’s most dynamic developments.

A master-planned community that houses many beautiful townhouses, Oyarifa Park gives buyers a taste of communal living in a thriving setting. 

And the best part is you get quality homes designed to get you to love where you live.

Price range

The two-bedroom units are the most popular among the homes. And they’ve sold out, leaving only a few three and four-bedroom siblings in the inventory at Oyarifa Park.

A three-bedroom semi-detached townhouse sells for $230,000, while a four-bedroom semi-detached unit in the same development asks for $254,000. These prices may change slightly depending on payment terms and financing options.

Home prices in most parts of Accra have climbed over the years – in line with general inflationary trends and a weak local currency – but these asking prices aren’t too far off the mark.  They’re on the moderate side, giving the finishing quality and many related benefits you’ll enjoy by living at Oyarifa Park.

Housing stock

The townhomes at Oyarifa Park are recently-built. Having built and sold out a similar development (AyiMensah Park) Indigo Homes, the developers have worked hard to replicate a similar strategy with Oyarifa Park. 

And so far, it’s worked a treat, as most of the units in phases 1 and 2A have sold out.

There are only a few three-bedroom and four-bedroom units still on the market.


Each unit has a front porch for relaxation and spacious closets to keep your space clear of clutter. Also, you get paved double-car parking to cure some parking headaches. Good news if there’s more than one car for your household.

On-site, there are lots of green spaces to help you enjoy a relaxing day outside. 

You can always count on a state-of-the-art security system for peace of mind.

Oyarifa Park is perfectly-placed to connect you to the main Accra-Aburi highway. In little time, you can drive yourself to the city center if you have any business to finish in town.


Oyarifa is one of the fastest-growing neighborhoods in an ever-expanding Accra. Home prices are rising sharply in the area – to be fair, in every area of Accra. It’s not inconceivable to see this trend keeping up. Before long, Oyarifa will be one of the most sought-after neighborhoods around town.

And that outlook makes investing in real estate a smart move. If you want the ultimate family home, Oyarifa Park is a must-see.  If it’s your second home or an investment vehicle, you won’t be off the mark by considering a unit at Oyarifa Park.

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