Where to Find Real Estate Companies in Ghana

Where to Find Real Estate Companies in Ghana

Your best bet in navigating the real estate space in Ghana is through the services of trusted real estate companies with the know-how and experience. 

While it’s tempting to go all alone to save on costs, you’re also likely to miss out on many insights and expertise on that route. Instead, to help you meet your property needs in Ghana, partner with these experts. Of course, which real estate companies you decide to work with will depend on what you want. 

Real estate has many branches, and as you dig deeper, you’ll realize very few real estate companies in Ghana do it all. So, while you’ll want a trusted real estate company to hold your hand and usher you into the Ghanaian property industry, you also want to know where to find them.

Why it’s good to engage real estate companies

Some people may balk at the fees they’ll pay real estate companies for their expertise or services. But when you look at the benefits – and the mammoth risks you otherwise expose yourself to – the fees are worth it.

Count those costs as investments that will help you get some of the best real estate advice. But beyond that, here are a few benefits you can enjoy from engaging the services of a real estate company:

Industry insight:

Given the high costs of real estate, wouldn’t you love to have industry experts advise you on what to do? That’s always a shrewder move.

Peace of mind: 

How does it feel when a professional holds your hand and walks you through a process as technical as real estate? The peace of mind you stand to get is unparalleled.


Sometimes, you need an expert to speed things up for you. The longer some real estate deals take, the higher the chances of things falling through.

Here’s where you can find real estate companies in Ghana to help you.

Real estate events

Where better to find these companies than at real estate events that often bring these players together? While not every company will be at every real estate event, you’ll find many at these industry events.

And why not?

Whether it’s developers, real estate agencies, or real estate advisory companies, these local real estate programs offer them a golden opportunity to network and meet new clients. 

And for many, it’s a cannot miss.

If you’re a client looking for seasoned real estate companies to help you meet some of your real estate needs, you can’t not take advantage.

Look out for the advertisements that promise to bring these industry professionals together. Prime examples include the annual Meqasa Housing Fair and the Joy FM Home and Habitat Fair.

Your network

Many people overlook the wealth of information their contacts can serve them. Are you one of those people? You can always work your network to find the best real estate companies in Ghana to help you. 

If you look closely, you know a friend who recently rented a house or bought a plot of land or house. You can ask them for recommendations on the real estate company that helped them close those deals.

Even if you know no such person, you can ring up a few friends and ask if they’ve recently dealt with any real estate companies. If they haven’t, they may also pass your request along. 

Before long, you’ll have a few names of companies to assist you.

A lady chatting with her friend

Social media

Since everyone is seemingly on social media, you can dig around on social media for these real estate companies. Like asking your contacts, you can ask your connections on social media for recommendations. You can even post that request.

Better yet, all the social media channels have advanced search options that help you find about anything. You can start your query there. And given the many real estate companies with a presence on social media, you’re sure to get what you want.


Google is another tool to help you find real estate companies in Ghana. With the option to refine your search query to the exact phrase, you can always leverage the power of a Google search to find these companies.

An advantage of using Google is the option to visit the websites of these companies and check them out to verify their authenticity. You can also view testimonials and recent activity to see how active these companies are.

Better yet, you can collect data on these companies and compare many options to see which companies speak to you. That you can do this research without these companies knowing is good news.

Anywhere and everywhere

If you look closely, you’ll see many real estate companies in Ghana either advertising properties for sale or their services. Look at billboards, sign posts, banners, stickers, and even company-branded vehicles for details of some real estate companies.

There are lots of ways to find real estate companies

If you’re interested in transacting some real estate deals, you bet an industry professional/company can help you immensely. In many cases, the upside far outweighs the costs and risks of overlooking the services of a real estate company.

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