Real Estate in Ghana: 4 Cities Besides Accra Worth Investing In

Real Estate in Ghana: 4 Cities Besides Accra Worth Investing In

Real estate investors in Ghana have no shortage of options to consider sinking their funds. As one of the fastest-growing economies in the world (until COVID-19 and recent economic challenges), Ghana is an attractive country for real estate investment. The peaceful political climate also tempts many investors, including real estate.

But also, with the uncertainties in the paper asset markets, real estate in Ghana proves a more reliable long-term investment. And with the long-standing promise of providing a hedge against inflation, investing in Ghana’s real estate has always been one of the most appealing alternatives. With the many high-end residential and commercial developments soaring into the Accra skies, something’s working well, with an even more promising future.

Investing in real estate outside Accra

We could say many nice things about the real estate space in Accra. For example, Accra commands the highest real estate capital and rental values. But there are still many great spots outside Accra worth your attention. If you look closely, you’ll find many other parts of Ghana that offer promising opportunities for real estate investors.  As a real estate advisory company in Ghana, we’ve rounded up four promising property investment spots outside of Accra that should warrant investor attention.


Known as the oil city of Ghana, Takoradi is home to many multinational companies in Ghana’s oil and gas industry. As a hive of activity around black gold, there’s no shortage of real estate investment opportunities. The oil and gas food chain sees many industry stakeholders stationed in Takoradi to transact business. And the many other companies that enjoy a symbiosis with the oil and gas industry will also need more hands.

All told, this network of activities only opens any city up for development. And real estate should be a particularly appealing investment class that stands to benefit. Besides the oil and gas industry, Takoradi is home to Ghana’s second-largest port.  Again, with the activities that work alongside the port, you can see how real estate will enjoy a massive impact. Companies that work in the shipping industry will set up in Takoradi than have to travel hundreds of miles to Takoradi for business.

Then there’s also the Takoradi airport. While it’s only a domestic airport, it’s still a city landmark and plays a crucial role in influencing the real estate industry in Takoradi. 

You can easily see how flying from Accra to Takoradi for business or vacation is less hectic.

Lastly, you can add the Takoradi Technical University, the Effia Nkwanta regional hospital, and the many senior high schools in the city.  There’ll be no shortage of infrastructure to keep the city running. And with these infrastructural developments comes a brighter path for real estate investment. It’s not too late to give it a shot.


A friend jokes Tema is now part of Accra. While the boundaries have blurred somewhat, Tema is technically not Accra. And that means it deserves special treatment when discussing business strictly related to Accra, in this case, real estate.

Home to Ghana’s busiest port and many multinational companies, Tema has also been a hotbed for development.  Around Sakumono, Baatsona, Lashibi, and Nungua, you can see many blocks of medium-rise apartments jutting into the skies and beautiful townhouses and condominiums sprawling around the ground. Much deeper, Communities 2, 3, 5, 6, 10, 11, and 12 are attractive real estate hotbeds.

If those options don’t meet your tastes, you can step out to the developing communities 23, 24, 25, and 26 and make your mark. You’ll get partially or fully serviced plots of land in these new areas. Plus, as developing areas, you can enjoy more flexibility with your real estate investment.


Known as Ghana’s garden city, you can’t leave Kumasi out of the conversation around Ghanaian cities with immense real estate investment potential. Home to Ghana’s second-largest university and many other tertiary institutions and businesses, Kumasi attracts its fair share of investors to boost the local economy. Also, the massive infrastructural investments over the years make the city an attractive real estate opportunity.

For example, the local airport undergoing massive upgrades to make it fully international sets the stage to stamp Kumasi on the global map. Then there’s the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital to provide health care in the area.

Add to that the area’s tourism potential, and that’s a double dose of good news for real estate investment.

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Location, location, location. That’s what brings gets Aburi on this list. Looking for great weather and exciting views of nature and Accra? That’s what Aburi promises. 

Many people who have been there say Aburi not only promises those benefits but also delivers on those promises.

Under an hour from Accra, Aburi offers a perfect alternative for people who want out of Accra but stay within striking distance. That way, should the need arise to rush back to the capital city, you won’t struggle.  Further, some workers are not ashamed of commuting to work in Accra from Aburi. Not too far from the Peduase Presidential Lodge, Aburi is a serious Ghanaian real estate investment prospect.

A perfectly-planned recreational center to take advantage of the weather could be worth a promising real estate investment. Is it any wonder that land values in Aburi have been steadily climbing in recent years?

Find promising real estate opportunities outside Accra


This post is a short list of attractive locations for real estate investment in Ghana but outside Accra. And by no means does this do justice to all the other attractive towns and cities with rife potential for growth. In subsequent posts, we’ll touch on more of those places.

But for now, these four places are some of the hottest spots for real estate investment in Ghana if you can’t find exactly what you in Accra.

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