5 Common Types of Real Estate Companies in Ghana

5 Common Types of Real Estate Companies in Ghana

So you’re interested in real estate in Ghana and want to find the best real estate companies in Ghana to help you? Or you’re just curious about real estate in Ghana and the types of real estate companies around town? Read on for some helpful tips on the topic.

Real estate companies in Ghana: what are they?

A real estate company is a legally registered company that functions in the real estate ecosystem. It’s any company that provides any form of service in the complex web of real estate activities in Ghana.

Real estate is a broad umbrella term that compasses many sub-terms. And for any of the many activities that make up the real estate industry, you’ll find many real estate companies in Ghana playing helpful roles.

That means there will be many real estate companies across the country. Read on to discover some types of real estate companies in Ghana.

Real estate development companies

Many real estate companies in Ghana owe their sustenance to real estate development companies.  Without these developers putting up the buildings – individual units, estates, or apartments, there’ll be little activity further down the Ghanaian real estate food chain.

If the developers don’t build houses in Accra, Kumasi, Takoradi, or other cities, there will be no houses for sale or rent in Ghana. Similarly, without the effort of these real estate development companies in Ghana, there will be no houses for rent in Ghana. These real estate development companies also differ by capacity and the type of houses they put up. 

While smaller companies with limited financial firepower can only develop a few housing units at a time, the more-resourced real estate companies in Ghana invest larger amounts in developing many housing units for rent or sale in Ghana. Whether these real estate companies are small or large-scale developers, they make houses available to renters and buyers. And that’s the most important thing. 

But more crucially, they also open the door to many other types of real estate companies in Ghana, as we’ll see in the following points.

Real estate management companies

When these houses for rent or sale in Ghana are finally put on the market and occupied by tenants, a new type crop of real estate companies takes shape – real estate management companies

They manage these buildings on behalf of the owners. As real estate companies, the management firms carry out day-to-day maintenance activities (facilities management services) on these buildings. 

They often have staff on-site to address these issues as they occur. If the buildings are for rent, these management companies negotiate leases and collect rent on behalf of the owners of the properties. They serve as a link between the owners and tenants of the property.

They also inform owners of these houses just offered for rent/sale about the need for periodic maintenance. So, while the real estate development companies keep the real estate management companies busy, the latter also helps keep the former’s investment in excellent condition.

Real estate brokerage companies

As real estate companies in Ghana, brokerage firms help real estate developers rent or sell their houses. Real estate agencies also fall under this category.

That’s in cases where the developers don’t have the marketing strength to do it all by themselves. But even developers with their in-house marketing teams still work with real estate brokers and agents to help speed up the sales process.

Often, specialist real estate brokers put these houses up for sale or rent. And actively market these homes to attract potential tenants or buyers.  In many instances, these real estate brokers have an extensive network of clients who could be interested in the houses for sale. All told, real estate brokerage companies help real estate development companies. Another symbiotic relationship forms.

Real estate advisory companies 

Even before any developer breaks ground and starts a real estate development project, they seek the services of real estate investment advisors. At least, most developers do that. 

That said, many real estate development companies have their team of real estate investment experts to chip in with advice on real estate investment in Ghana.

Other times, these developers engage the services of real estate advisory companies. These advisory companies offer expert projections on the prospects of the proposed real estate development projects. 

While it’s not always easy to predict what will happen in the future, these advisors try to project the yield (we’ll loosely refer to it as the return on investment) on the real estate investment.

Also, real estate advisory companies will offer specialist services like valuations, advice on payment of property rates, and other statutory obligations.

A paper detailing some real estate drawing dimensions

Real estate marketing companies

As businesses shift online, real estate companies need to direct some of their attention to online content creation and marketing. And yes, a few businesses are embracing that digital challenge. 

But you’ll also find a new crop of real estate companies offering these digital content writing and marketing services for sister real estate companies.

Whether it’s real estate writing or search engine optimization services, these experts are taking the initiative to help industry business improve their online content game. Watch out for more companies to spring up with time offering those digital services for real estate.

Different types of real estate companies in Ghana play different roles

Real estate companies in Ghana are a dime a dozen. While some are super focused on specific tasks, say only development or brokerage, other real estate companies are multi-faceted, offering a mix of these services.

Neither approach is wrong, as every real estate company in Ghana is different, with a distinct business model to help it achieve its goals. If you plan on starting a real estate company in Ghana, this post is a quick and dirty read to open you up to the possibilities.

Want a trusted real estate company in Ghana to serve as your real estate broker or advisor? We’ll help you buy or sell that house, advise you on your real estate investment, or manage your property while you focus on what matters to you.

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