The Five Best Neighborhoods in Accra for Expats

The Five Best Neighborhoods in Accra for Expats

As the capital of Ghana, Accra has attracted the attention and dollars of many investors to do business. 

Many other multinational and global businesses have also followed, setting up shop in Accra. What’s more? Almost all the top government agencies have headquarters in Accra. 

Add to that the many Ghanaians migrating from the rural to the capital for greener pastures, and we have an explosive population in Accra. It means if business is your thing, you can’t look beyond Accra. But Accra is a cosmopolitan mix of many nationals, including expats and diplomats.

Where are some of the best spots for you if you’re an expat? This post will serve as a mini guide.

Major amenities in Accra that attract expats

The Kotoka International Airport

Feeling homesick? Want to bring the family over for a short vacation? Want to rush back to your home country for a quick emergency? 

The convenience of an airport in Accra, the Kotoka International Airport, makes it easy to grab that quick trip in and out of Ghana. That should be music to the ears of any expat.

Shopping malls

To serve a thriving middle-class and international clientele, Accra is home to many shopping malls that should give you an exciting shopping experience. 

Find groceries and products from some of your trusted global brands in Accra Mall, West Hills Mall, Marina Mall, or many others in Accra.

Top restaurants

Settling in another country can take some hard work. Embracing the culture, language, and food doesn’t come smoothly. You needn’t worry about the food aspect.

Accra is home to many restaurants that serve local and continental dishes. Want some Turkish, Italian, or Chinese treats? You can always find the perfect place to treat you to those delights.

World-class schools

If you’re worried your kids will fall behind in their academics, don’t be. Accra boasts many international schools that run different educational curricula. 

Pick among these top schools that will give your wards quality education that fits the global standards at all levels.

Excellent housing

In Accra, you’ll have no shortage of incredible housing options that’ll approximate your living experience in your home country. Given the many more highly-anticipated properties under construction, that pool widens.

Many top estate developers are raising the standards of luxury living, targeted at the expat market.

A living room with a view of nature

Many attractive spaces

You’ll also enjoy many fun moments enjoying some lively tourist attractions in Accra. Beyond the trills of tourism, you’ll also learn some history about Ghana.

Attractive business and commercial activities in Accra


While not an industrial powerhouse, many light industrial activities go on in Accra nonetheless. A few wine breweries have also had a footprint in Accra for decades.

The extractive industry

The Oil and gas industry in Ghana has attracted many multinational energy giants to Accra. Also, the mining operations in Ghana have drawn many international players to Accra.

Services industry 

Many international banks and insurance companies have a foot on the Accra soil. You can also mention other consulting companies in the real estate industry and the big four accounting firms.

All these activities and amenities help make Accra a welcoming destination for expats. Here are some of the best neighborhoods for expats in Accra.

Airport Residential Area

One of the hottest residential neighborhoods in Accra, the Airport area is a major hotbed for expats. The best convenience is the proximity to the Kotoka International Airport. 

But beyond that, Airport Residential is also home to many top schools, apartment buildings, international restaurants, and multinational businesses.

You’ll also find some private hospitals and banks in the area, helping provide the ultimate living experience for Ghanaians and expats.


Arguably the most prestigious area in Accra, Cantonments is a top destination for expats. Home to many international missions, you’ll find many foreigners living in the many gated homes and luxury apartments in Cantonments.

As an expat, it’s easy to blend in with the everyday non-Ghanaians who call Cantonments home or work there. At your service are many top restaurants that serve many international dishes and international schools.

Stroll through the tree-lined streets and enjoy the relative serenity and security in Cantonments.


Another top spot for expats, Labone offers many amenities to make life so much more enjoyable to anyone, including expats. For a start, you can count on the many eateries around. And then an exciting nightlife.


If a thriving nightlife is your thing, look towards Osu. Osu is also home to major Ghanaian monuments like the Castle and Accra Sports Stadium. Others even believe the Independence Square falls under Osu.

Either way, you can find these epoch-making facilities that will usher you into the history of Ghana close to Osu. But you’ll also find many expats living in Osu. 

The prominent Oxford Street is a leading commercial hub, boasting eateries, banks, and life.


Want a quick trip to your bank? Have to go close that transaction? Living in Ridge puts you within reach of the Central Business and Financial Districts of Accra. 

You get easy access to the top financial players and businesses in Ghana. But that’s only the beginning of what makes Ridge a popular expat destination.

You can also count on the good schools, religious establishments, and the Greater Accra Regional Hospital as neighboring facilities. Even the President of Ghana has a small annexed office in Ridge. 

And that adds added security to living in the area.

Notable mentions

It’s hard to compile these lists without feeling like you’ve left out some areas. And by no means does this list exhaust all the expat-friendly neighborhoods in Accra.

It may be unfair to leave out some notable areas like East Legon, Dzorwulu, East Airport, or Abelempke.

Also, with the boundaries increasingly blurring in our cities and the ease of transport, you could find any of these areas just as convenient as the ones I highlighted. 

Enjoy the expat life in Accra

Ultimately, it comes down to where you can feel secure and enjoy the modern conveniences of urban living. If any other neighborhood checks those boxes, you can easily make a case for that area deserving a mention in this post.

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